Monday, March 13, 2017

A Small Collection of Not-So-Positive Responses From Some HODs.

With the National Schools Games Swimming Championships 2017 coming up, our coaches have been sending in recommendation letters to schools (and their CCA / PE in-charge) to inform them about the performance of our swimmers. Our swimmers train hard and have been doing better and better. Many of them meet the qualifying time for the championships. 
We have received some very positive responses from HODs who said that they will do do the necessary and the schools will definitely support their students. Even if it's a lone swimmer.
At the same time, we also received very disappointing responses from some middle managers. These two are the more extreme ones.

1. They do not send in individual swimmers. (I guess too much work and RAMS for the teachers. The one swimmer may not win and the school find that it's not worth the effort. [I GUESS])
2. My student was told not to go and waste time and embarrass herself. (She meets the qualifying time.) She also shouldn't go and be the last and make everyone wait for her to finish swimming. (Which educator will ever say that to a student?)
(Feedback from students - will try and see if it's possible to verify) 

I hope time changes things and changes people.
We need to do more for the child, for the children.

We will keep training.
We will keep recommending.
As long as our swimmers work hard, we do what we can for them.

(I came from MOE, don't say I don't understand the workload. I was in charge of a champion track team before. Don't make me tell you how hard my teachers and I worked.)

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  1. I love to swim and if it is with my friends, then the fun goes beyond any limit. Although the swimming championship 2017 was not a success yet I enjoyed a lot.